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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
Corrigendum and E-Tender for Construction of DHP at Panchkula, Haryana Corrigendum and E-Tender for Construction of DHP at Agartala, Tripura RFP for LHP at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for construction of houses under GHTC-India



System Components
Initial Cost Structure
Critical Factors
1. Proportion of mud and bitumen
2. Mixing of mud
3. Finishing
4. Availability of bitumen
Tools Used
1.   Spade
2.   Pan
3.   Thread
4.   Basket
 1. Mud should be thoroughly mixed
    with rice husk
2. For every 0.035cum of soil add 2 kg     
    of cut back bitumen
3. Mud wall should be plain and free
   from cracks before applying the
1.Plaster should not be applied over wet
2. Rice husk should not be added in excess
3. A second finish should not be applied  
    immediately after the first
 Construction Process
Take measured quatity of rice husk
Add mud to the collected rice husk
Add bitumen to the mud mix and knead
Knead thoroughly
Collect the prepared mud mortar into pans for plastering
Sprinkle water over the wall surface and apply mud plaster
Plaster the outer wall surface which is exposed to rain water
 Allow the plaster to dry for two days and apply cow dung
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