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Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

  Global Housing Technology Challenge - India

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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
E-Course on Vulnerability Atlas of India Special Issue of Nirman Sarika on the occasion of World Habitat Day 2019


Agro waste as raw material


India is primarily an agricultural country. In the absence of organised data, exact estimates of the agricultural wastes such as bagasse, banana leaves and stalks, saw mill waste, sisal fibre, rice husk, jute stalk etc., are not available, but their availability in the country is more than 500 million tonnes per year.


Recycling Agro Waste


The building materials industry is gainfully utilising these wastes in a wide range of applications, many of which can serve as timber substitutes for wood-based products. By their very nature, fibrous wastes along with suitable binders under pressure are eminently suitable for making several kinds of insulation boards, panels and roofing sheets. These products can be strong, lightweight and also find aesthetic acceptance.


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