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As per the Report of the Working Group on Construction for the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012), the size of Construction Industry in terms of annual monetary values is estimated at Rs. 310,000 crores (includes Public & Private Investments), with an employment status of 31 million man-years/year. Out of which 82.45 per cent fall in the unskilled category. Also the construction manpower is growing at a constant pace of 8-9 per cent resulting into annual accretion of around of 25 lakhs persons to the existing stock. This is a huge manpower which needs to be trained so as to have quality, safe and durable structures.


The Council organizes Awareness Generation Programmes, Workshops, Exhibitions, Capacity Building and Training Programmes for construction professionals and workforce on regular basis. In addition, BMTPC also participates in exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshop, etc. to disseminate the information.


With the emergence of new building materials, advancement of technologies and the need for disaster resistant construction to mitigate the effect of natural disasters, it is important that working professionals regularly update their knowledge and understanding of subjects. Realising this need of capacity building of professionals, BMTPC is also organizing structured training programmes for working professionals on regular basis broadly on following themes:

   Sustainable Construction & Green Construction Practices

   Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction;

   Concrete Mix - Design and Quality Control;

   Water Proofing and Damp Proofing;

   Quality Control and Assurance in Construction;

   Use  of  Chemical and Mineral Admixtures  for Concrete  Construction;

   Repair, Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Buildings including Seismic Retrofitting

   Use of Bamboo in Building and Housing Construction.


These programmes and Training Courses are being organised by BMTPC in collaboration with Academic, R&D, NGOs and public & private Institutions.


So far, more than 800 construction professionals and 2000 masons, bar benders, plumbers, artisans have been imparted hands-on training.


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