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DIRECTORY OF INDIAN BUILDING MATERIALS & PRODUCTS (with information on Nepal, Bhutan & Pakistan) 2009 550 pages, Rs. 1000+200 post

This is Ninth edition of the directory of Indian Building Materials and Products. This publication goes far beyond the concept of yellow pages. It will be the mostly comprehensive technology digest in the country on state-of-the-art technology. Manufacturers profiles, materials, products, standards and specifications. As a first source reference for choosing materials and components, the Directory will influence, specification and decision making by buildings, architects, planners contractors, traders, engineers and end-users, for large scale purchases. Building Materials and Products Manufactures from Bhutan and Nepal have also been included in this publication.


, 200 pages, Rs. 250+75 postage

BMTPC has brought out the Second Edition of its Book titled “Standards & Specifications for Cost-Effective Innovative Building Materials and Techniques including Rate Analysis”, which covers detailed specifications so formatted that these can be inducted in the schedules of specifications by public and private construction agencies. This publication contains standards and specification on 26 new building materials and construction techniques which have potential for large scale adoption and bringing down the cost of housing and building construction. Bureau of Indian Standards has formulated codes and standards on most of the new technologies included in the publication. It is hoped this compilation will help the construction agencies in promoting and adopting the new technologies in their housing and building projects.


27 pages, Rs.100+50  postage

BMTPC has brought out the Manual on Basics of Ductile Detailing. It has been seen that there is utter disregard to even simple detailing principles of reinforced concrete construction. The publication will help engineering and architectural fraternity to adopt the ductile detailing provisions while designing buildings in earthquake prone areas. The Manual also dispel the misconnects of practical difficulties being faced by site engineers while implementing ductile detailing in the field.



         COMPONENTS -         USER’S MANUAL 116 Pages          Rs. 50+Rs. 50  postage

The “User’s Manual for Production of Cost-Effective, Environment-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Building Components” is one of the steps being undertaken by the Council to popularise the proven and innovative technologies and help the small and medium level entrepreneurs and construction professionals
The User’s Manual covers six Technologies namely Cement Concrete Blocks; Fly Ash Bricks; Ferrocement Roofing Channels; Reinforcement Concrete Precast Planks & Joists; Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles; and Precast Concrete Door & Window Frames………………………………….
The Manual defines the product specification & quality control, equipment & production requirements, production process and common problems and their solutions to help the construction professionals. The manual is not exhaustive, but rather is a road map to guide users to the information needed.


ARCHITECTURE OF SAARC NATIONS 196 pages, Rs. 250+50 postage.

Architecture + Design in association with Building Materials and technology Promotion Council, HUDCO, NHB & Ministry of Urban Affairs & Employment, Govt. of India,  put together the architecture of the seven SAARC COUNTRIES VIZ. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India ,Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It provides a highly informative and comparative survey of buildings as a creative art that attempts to answer man’s socio- economic and aesthetic needs. It commemorates the International Year of Shelter 1991……………………………………………

This book is the first attempt ever to put together the architecture of the seven SAARC countries viz. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It provides a highly informative and comparative survey of buildings as a creative art that attempts ot answer man’s socio-economic and aesthetic needs. It commemorates the International year of Shelter 1991.


Housing & Key Building Material :A Long Term Perspective 1991-2011

98 Pages,Rs 700 + 75 Postqage


This publication is based on the study undertook by BMTPC for assessing housing needs in urban and rural sectors and the demand that will be generated for key building materials for sustainable housing construction activity.  The study aims at forecasting the growth in different types of households in urban and rural areas, based on their affordability pattern and changing trends in housing typology.  The study, thus seeks to integrate the housing requirements, expenditure patterns at national level, requirements of key building materials and the changing trends in choice of materials. It provides a long term perspective on requirements and shortfall upto the year 2011, while disaggregating the requirement of additional housing stock from non-residential and other forms of construction.


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