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  New Initiatives : Emerging Technologies
New… E-Learning Modules on the Technologies of LHPs for TECHNOGRAHIs Passive-design Response in Increasing Thermal comfort with Viable solutions (PRiTHVi) – Climate Smart Buildings


Partial Prefabrication

Open prefab systems based on an appropriate production level and small, easily to handle elements with rationalised production methods have attracted the attention of housing experts as an important option for arresting the rapidly rising escalation in the costs of material and labour. Building Centers in different regions of India have been instrumental in propagating several of these prefab systems at the grass-root level.
Partial prefabrication can be usefully employed for practically every part of a building - foundations, walling systems, doors and windows, roofing systems, lintels and staircase elements. Costs of a roof being one of the major components of the construction outlay in any building project, one of the thrust areas has been the prefabrication of roofing elements


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