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Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) has been used in over 40 countries over the past 25 years to produce over hundred thousand houses and apartments, apart from schools, hospitals, industrial and commercial buildings. CLC is an air-cured lightweight concrete with flyash as a major ingredient, that can be produced at large project sites just like traditional concrete, utilising equipment and moulds normally used for traditional concreting. It is especially suitable in India for low-rise loadbearing constructions and for partitioning work in multistorey blocks.

·         Benefits of CLC Blocks/Panels:

·         Tremendous weight reduction

·         High thermal insulation

·         Optimal fire rating

·         Substantial material saving:

·         No gravel used

·         Little cement

·         Less steel in structure and foundation

·         Easy and fast production

·         No primary energy and reduced transportation costs

·         Boon for remote areas with only sand availability.

In view the use of flyash (33%) in CLC and this being a good substitute of ordinary clay bricks ( which use high energy and precious agricultural topsoil) the Govt. of India has given special import duty concessions for specialised equipment.



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