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Tiles From Granite Slurry (New upcoming technology)

India has got best granite deposits in the world. It accounts for over 20% of total Granite reserve of the world. Total Granite reserve is in India is about 42,916 million cubic meters. Granite slurry is the waste generated during cutting and polishing of stone.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Granite Slurry:

Color = Grey Specific Gravity = 2.60 Fineness =< 100 micron

S. No


Percentage (%)



Silica (SiO2)




Magnesium (MgO)




Calcium (CaO)




Alumina (Al2O3)




Loss on Ignition




Properties of slurry blended floor tile:


S. No

Test Property

Observed Value

Permissible value as per Indian Standard



Water absorption





Breaking load under flexural strength

245 kg i)

1.    200 kg for residential pathway/public/pedestrian pathways.

2.    300kg for residential driveways, light vehicles, public pedestrian and light vehicle.


Dimensional tolerance of thickness

0.3 mm (Mean of 3 Nos)




Details and cost of plant and machinery:

Ø  Pan mixer motor & gear box

Ø  Vibratory screen/table

Ø  Rubber moulds

Ø  Transfer trolleys


Indicative costing of plant & machinery, for producing floor/wall tiles & pavers blocks, with a capacity of 2000 sq ft/day:

Cost of plant & machinery

Rs.7.00 lakh


Cost of a set of Moulds

Rs.2.00 lakh


Land & building of 3000 sq ft

Including shed


Working capital

Rs.2.00 lakh


Electrical energy-approx

15 HP


Water for moulds cleaning

5000 lt/day



The technology is jointly developed by BMTPC & APTDC. Council is exploring the possibilities to establish a pilot plant for dissemination and transfer of this technology near Granite processing industry.



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